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System Name & ID Modification in WinCC OA

When creating a project, the default name "System1" is selected. However, in cases like a distributed system where you're dealing with multiple systems, there may arise a need to modify the system name and its corresponding ID.

Although the modification can be performed using a command instruction, the official documentation might not provide a clear explanation. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to achieving this.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to the WinCC OA installation directory. For a default Windows installation, this would typically be: C:\Siemens\Automation\WinCC_OA
  2. Select the version of WinCC OA you're working with. For instance, if you're working with version 3.18, navigate to: C:\Siemens\Automation\WinCC_OA\3.18\bin
  3. Open your preferred command-line tool at this directory. You can use Visual Studio Code, traditional command prompt, developer shell, or any other command-line tool of your choice.
  4. Run the following command, modifying the placeholders accordingly:
    WCCOAtoolSyncTypes -proj <project_name> -system <new_system_number> <new_system_name> -log +stderr
    WCCOAtoolSyncTypes -proj TestProj -system 111 10TestP -log +stderr


Upon executing the above, you've effectively changed the default system ID and name. For instance, if you've modified the default system ID from 100 to 111 and changed "System1" to "10TestP", this will reflect in the System Information Tab in the Settings page. Alternatively, you can also verify these changes via a script:


This will display the following log output:


Generate Your Command

Generated Command: